Grazier System

An Entirely New Concept in
Highly Portable & Modular Electric Fence Systems.

Standard Corner for The Grazier System electric fence.

The Standard Corner plays the role of any good fence corner, permitting changes in direction of the fence line.  But this remarkable step-in corner withstands significant tensioning, yet can be moved in seconds, being both installed and removed with just toe pressure.

Both the Winch and the Standard Corners are built with GeoTek, Inc.'s, patented-process Sunguard fiberglass, guaranteed to be as smooth 25 years from now as it is today.  Its coating simply cannot and will never separate from the fibers.

Because all corners and line posts are solid fiberglass, electric insulators are not a concern.  Just hang, tighten and wrap the electric rope for an incredibly fast and easy installation!

Standard Corner for the Grazier System

42" Corner with 3 Rope Hangers...that's 42 inches ABOVE ground, not counting the 5 inches that inserts into the ground.

Standard Corner Folded

Standard Corner in folded position.

Standard Corner Brace Detail

Both brace legs of the Standard Corner swivel independently around the upright post. This is so that if you get a good set on one leg, but a rock is in the way on the other, you can swing the second leg without interrupting the first one that's already set.

Standard Corner Brace Steel Feet Spikes

The steel feet spikes are designed to accept a series of solid blows from a small mallet to get them easily into that hard ground, when simple foot pressure won't do. You can always drive The Grazier System's narrow 5-inch pin into that ground, but getting a traditional post 12 to 18 inches down can be extremely difficult.