Grazier System

An Entirely New Concept in
Highly Portable & Modular Electric Fence Systems.

Used in this example

  • 2 Winch Corners loaded with 1/4" Electrobraid, 150' x 2-strand
  • 2 Winch Corners loaded with 1/8" Electrobraid, 500' x 2-strand
  • 3 Standard Corners
  • Line Posts as Required
  • 1 Speedrite 2 D-cell charger
  • 4 jumper wires

Price components used.

Rotational strip-grazing using The Grazier System electric fence.

The Grazier System was originally designed specifically for rotational strip-grazing. The pasture shown below has no fencing of any kind other than The Grazier System. We strip-graze our 47 acres of warm season grasses with The Grazier System, but there is no limit to the acreage this system can control. Because it is such a short grazing season on this grass, we do not want to inhibit our nice riding areas with permanent fencing, yet we do want to utilize the grass with controlled grazing.

In this picture the red arrows parallel the 300-foot side fences of The Grazier System. The yellow arrows point to the ends of the lead fence, which is moved forward each day until the strip is completed. This strip is pulled out to the full 150-foot width allowed by the Winch Corners, though it could have been limited to something shorter.

Click here for detailed Strip Grazing Diagram pdf.

Strip Grazing with The Grazier System

Tip: These horses shown were put into this grazing area with a corridor (see Suggested Uses / Create a Corridor), and are put up each night, allowing for repositioning the lead fence without horses present. If your horses remain present while you enlarge the grazing area, you may want a second lead fence so you can place a new one before taking the current one down.

Tip: On a given day you might need an emergency fence, or might want to take a horse camping and need a travel paddock. You can at any time use any part of this strip-grazing system wherever you need it, and just use one of the side fences alone to create a large rectangle for grazing. This could require a few more corners, so you might want to have three or four extra Standard Corners on hand.

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