Grazier System

An Entirely New Concept in
Highly Portable & Modular Electric Fence Systems.

Mounting The Grazier System on solid rock.

NOTE: This idea can be used on more than just rock. Campground soils often are heavily compacted after years of vehicular and horse traffic. A portable hand drill with a masonry bit works well on either rock or extremely hard soils. Sometimes this can be the best answer for setting your line posts, as well.

Most indigenous rock is much softer than concrete, and will drill with a cordless, portable hand drill. Concrete, as shown, required a more powerful drill.

Mounting Grazier Corner in Rock - Step 1

The Grazier System corners--either the Standard Corner or the Winch Corner--are easily mounted on solid rock. This short demonstration fence is being installed onto solid concrete.

Mounting Grazier Corner in Rock - Step 2

Using a carbide tipped or a masonry style bit, drill holes for the upright post and the brace corners on angles that line up with the steel pegs.

Mounting Grazier Corner in Rock - Step 3

With the holes drilled, place the steel pegs into the holes. You don't have to drill to the whole length of the pegs. Usually just two or three inches deep will be ample.

Mounting Grazier Corner in Rock - Step 4

A Grazier System corner thus installed on rock is extraordinarily strong. This demonstration fence is pulled to 300 pounds tension on the bottom two lines, and 100 pounds on the top line.