Grazier System

An Entirely New Concept in
Highly Portable & Modular Electric Fence Systems.

Used in this 50-foot
Round Pen example

  • 1 Winch Corner with 1/4" 2-strand ElectroBraid
  • 3 Standard Corners
  • 8 (min) to 10 (best) Line Posts
  • Optional: 1 Jumper Wire or any fence energizer

Price components used.

Portable corral using The Grazier System electric fence.

50-Foot Portable Round Pen

Portable Round Pen

As shown here, the same components that make up our 35' by 40' paddock are set up as a portable round pen. In this picture the winch corner is set next to an existing electric fence, and a jumper wire carries the full power of that fence to the Grazier System round pen for the initial convincing of this skittish BLM mustang. After purchasing this very frightened horse, the inventor of the Grazier System carried (in the small Mazda's trunk, upper left) this portable round corral each day for a couple weeks' training in the horse's own dry lot, taming her before she was then calmly trailered.


Used in this 100-foot
Round Pen example

  • 2 Winch Corners with 1/4" 2-strand ElectroBraid
  • 6 Standard Corners
  • 16 (min) to 20 (best) Line Post
  • Optional: 1 Jumper Wire or any fence energizer


  • 1 Winch Corner with 1/8" 2-strand ElectroBraid
  • 7 Standard Corners
  • 16 (min) to 18 (best) Line Post
  • Optional: 1 Jumper Wire or any fence energizer

Price components used

100-Foot Portable Round Corral

Portable Round Corral

The Grazier System easily sets up round pen corrals of any size. In this picture a 100-foot round pen is established using two 150-foot fences, each one making half the circle. But a single winch corner loaded with 500 feet of 1/8" ElectroBraid can work, as well.

For 50 to 60-foot pens, four corners, one at each quadrant, is adequate, with two line posts between each corner. For larger pens, more corners are needed. For 80 to 100-foot pens, we recommend adding an additional corner between each quadrant, for a total of eight, still with two line posts between each corner. You can adjust more or fewer corners and posts, as you feel is needed.

Remember that a winch corner acts as one of the corners. Also, in addition to the line posts placed on the circle between each corner point, add two more line posts for use right at each winch corner for separating the lines and creating gates.