Grazier System

An Entirely New Concept in
Highly Portable & Modular Electric Fence Systems.

Used in this example (.5 acre)

  • 4 Winch Corners with 1/4" ElectroBraid
  • 20 Line Posts

Alternative (.42 acre)

  • 1 Winch Corner with 1/8" ElectroBraid
  • 3 Standard Corners
  • 14 Line Posts

Price components used.

Portable arena using The Grazier System portable electric fence.

Portable Arena


The Grazier System fence can be used for much more than just grazing. The 1/2-acre portable arena shown here took one person less than twenty minutes to establish, and it was carried there in the trunk of the small, two-door sedan shown in the background.

This particular arena was set up using four 150-foot Winch Corners and a few line posts, but no Standard Corners. A less expensive alternative enclosing almost as much area could be accomplished with a single 500-foot Winch Corner and three Standard Corners.