Grazier System

An Entirely New Concept in
Highly Portable & Modular Electric Fence Systems.

The Grazier System Preferred Links

Postal Presort, Inc.

Vendor to Canter:
Postal Presort, Inc.: Print, database and mailing services for The Grazier System

Wirewaves, LLC

Vendor to Canter:
Wirewaves, LLC.: Graphic Design, Web Development, Database and E-Commerce services for The Grazier System

Jako, Inc.

Vendor to Canter:
Jako, Inc.: Design, research and development, and manufacturer of The Grazier System

Geotek, Inc.

Vendor to Canter:
Geotek, Inc.: Manufacturer of Sunguard fiberglass used on all post, leg and brace components in The Grazier System

Electrobraid Fence

Vendor to Canter:
ElectroBraid Fence: Manufacturer of the electric rope fence material used in most Grazier System fences.

Whitehorse Manufacturing

Vendor to Canter:
Whitehorse Manufacturing: Creator and manufacturer of The Grazier System carry bag.

Zeitlow Distributing Company

Vendor to Canter:
Zeitlow Distributing Company: Service Center for the Speedrite 2 D-cell fence charger.