Grazier System

An Entirely New Concept in
Highly Portable & Modular Electric Fence Systems.

Line materials used with The Grazier System electric fence.

With the Grazier System, you chose the type and size of material you want loaded onto the bobbin. ElectroBraid™ is typically loaded on the bobbin to dispense 2 strands of line, but can be loaded onto the bobbin as a single strand upon request. Polywire and Polytape are loaded as a single strand only.

ElectroBraidWe offer the following options.

  • ElectroBraid™ - 1/8" diameter - 500' x 2-strand or 1000' x 1-strand
  • ElectroBraid™ - 1/4" diameter - 150' x 2-strand or 300' x 1-strand
  • 9-Wire Polywire - 1320' x 1-strand
  • 1/2-inch White Polytape - 660' x 1-strand

The bobbins are easily removed and changed or replaced. You can buy more than one bobbin per winch, with different line materials, to make a single Winch Corner more multi-purposed.

Any pliable material, either electric or non-electric, that can be wound onto the winch corner spool can be used on The Grazier System. If you wish some different fence material, you can purchase The Grazier System without any line material, and install your own material of your choice.


ElectroBraid™ is a electric fence designed especially for horses. It is both a physical barrier and a psychological deterrent. It is highly visible to horses, strong, durable and resilient. Most important, it is safe. ElectroBraid™ looks like high quality braided yachting rope. A double helix of copper wire conductors is braided into the outer jacket of the rope.

Traditional electric cattle fencing uses small diameter steel wires which are hard for horses to see. The ropes of ElectroBraid™ are highly visible. Their break strength is equal to the steel wire but they are resilient like the ropes in a boxing ring. ElectroBraid™ can absorb the energy of a panicked horse at full gallop and will typically bounce the horse back into its pasture with no harm to horse or fence.

The high-grade polyester fiber is the same fiber used in automotive seat belts and parachute harnesses. Polyester resists attack by ultra-violet light, salt, manure and most farm chemicals. The copper develops an oxidized outer layer or 'patina' that protects the copper wire from corrosion. The Braid™ carries a 25 year warranty from the Manufacturer.

9-Wire Polywire

3/32" diameter, white, 9-strand stainless steel wire in twisted poly rope. Safe for cattle, goats, pigs. Do not use with horses, as its twisted construction permits individual strands to cut flesh like a cheese cutter when an animal runs against it. Normally loaded as a single strand on The Grazier System because, unlike braided nylon ropes, it can tend to twist on itself when loaded as multiple strands.

1/2 Inch White Polytape

1/2" wide, white, with 6 strands of stainless steel wire in woven poly tape. Safe for use with all animals. Always loaded as a single strand on The Grazier System because of flat tape design. Its very light weight permits wide spacings of line posts, even 80 feet or more. Catches breeze, resulting in movement and shimmer. Highly effective with animals.