Grazier System

An Entirely New Concept in
Highly Portable & Modular Electric Fence Systems.

Unique features of The Grazier System portable electric fence system.

Named for the graziers of New Zealand, who are some of the world's best utilizers of grass pasturelands, The Grazier System is a highly portable, multi-use fence system that offers absolute simplicity and ease of use without compromising strength, stability, and versatility..

Easy Installation

Step it in, Kick it out:  it sure is easier than a T-post.  And far stronger than any lightweight plastic corner! The Grazier System is incredibly fast and easy to set up. In most cases the entire system steps into the soil with only toe pressure. We like to say, "No tools and no husbands are required."

Pull-and-Hook simplicity makes the electric line setup a snap. The Grazier System was designed to be nearly automatic, and it doesn't require any special knowledge or skills. In fact, our assistant's five-year-old boy took down, relocated and set up a Portable Paddock by himself!

pull and hook

Although all of this is impressive, your real amazement will occur when you step in your first Grazier System Winch Corner, wrap the ropes onto its built-in clasps, then stand back and pull. Despite its misleadingly simple and shallow penetration, once properly seated the Grazier System is truly amazingly stable and strong.

stable and strong

With the ropes wrapped around my body, I am leaning over as hard and as far as I can without my feet flying out from under me. In this set, I suspect two or three men could not have pulled this winch corner over, even though it was just stepped in with light toe pressure!

This type of stability depends on the sod and ground structure, of course. Because not all sets are as strong as depicted, please do not do such demonstrations yourself. You could get hurt if the ground suddenly let go.

The corners and line posts are made of GeoTek, Inc.'s, patented-process Sunguard fiberglass which easily took all of my former 240 pounds, and is guaranteed to be as smooth 25 years from now as it is today. Its coating simply cannot and will never separate from the fibers.