Grazier System

An Entirely New Concept in
Highly Portable & Modular Electric Fence Systems.

Frequently asked questions about The Grazier System.

Product Questions

What is the Grazier System?

The Grazier System is a "highly portable" fence system designed for the purpose of making daily "Intensive Rotational Grazing" superbly easy.

As a byproduct of its design, the Grazier System doubles as the finest portable system available in America for traveling with horses, and also makes delightful portable round pens and arenas.

What makes the Grazier System unique or any different from other electric fence systems?

Its shallow penetration design is protected by two patents. Its "Pull-and-Hook" simplicity and "fully self-contained" design are unequalled by any other fencing system that we know of.

The Grazier System is an electric fence. Do I need to buy additional parts, like chargers and insulators?

No. Everything a Grazier System needs for its intended purpose is inherent in the design, or included in the components list.

Can a solar or a 110-volt fence charger be used on the Grazier System?

Yes. The Grazier System uses electric fence line materials that are designed to be used with any electric fence charger on the market. Very often the System is used next to an existing electric fence powered by a 110-volt system, and the electricity is simply jumped over to the Grazier System.

How easy is putting up a Grazier System fence? Can I do it myself?

The Standard Corners will have to have the leg braces attached before the first use. This one-time effort might take between 15 to 30 minutes for the typical first-purchase system that includes three Standard Corners. After that, most customers report a ten to thirty-minute experience for their first effort in setting up a Grazier System paddock. A few years ago our secretary's 5-year-old son took a paddock down, moved it over and set it back up by himself, after having seen it done only once.

We have really hard and sometimes rocky ground. Will the Grazier System work for me?

The Grazier System was originally conceived because of hard, drought-baked clay. It is designed to take a blow from a mallet to drive it into hard ground. We haven't found earth yet onto which we can't easily install the Grazier System.

The Grazier System installs onto solid rock using only a portable electric hand drill with a masonry or carbide tipped bit, and can then accept a high-tensile steel wire fence up to 300 pounds tension.

Are there any applications for which you don't recommend the Grazier System?

It works well with many kinds of livestock, in many applications, but a good working knowledge of animals is required at times. For instance, it should not be used to contain cattle in tight quarters. The poor cow getting pushed into the electric fence is not the one doing the pushing...and when they all get shocked at once through each other, you can imagine the results. But grazing cattle in fields or cornstalks is easily and well done with the Grazier. Common sense has to prevail.

How big an area can you handle with the Grazier System? Is it just for little paddocks?

There really is no limit. Using multiple winches in series, one can easily fence in many acres at once. We use it on our farm to create double-fenced tracks around large acreages, allowing livestock to travel within the tracks while preserving the inner areas for haying.

I only have a couple acres, so I don't think I need a rotational grazing fence. Why would I?

The smaller the area in which horses are being kept, the more critical it is to understand proper daily grazing rotation, and the more important a portable fence system becomes. Proper rotational grazing can triple your grass utilization, cutting the amount of land required for horses by two thirds, while still maintaining better grass than is possible without.

Company Questions

Why two names: Canter, LC, and The Grazier System?

Canter, LC, is the name of the business. "The Grazier System" is the name of the product.

Who is behind the Grazier System?

Two Kansas farmers: Bryan Pulliam, inventor, and Ken King, Bryan's grazing mentor and now partner. No big company, just two guys and a great idea. Bryan and his wife Annette also own a large mailing firm, and a web design and e-commerce company. Ken has an impressive knowledge and background in grass based dairy production, and he and his wife Judy operate a family farm producing healthy all-natural dairy products, and a small manufacturing company that produces the Grazier System and other products.

Databases can be abused. What is your privacy policy?

Bryan Pulliamís primary company is a mailing firm that handles large amounts of sensitive data, and an expert protector of others' privacy. He carries his passion for privacy into Canter, LC. We will not sell, lend, lease or rent or reveal any of our lists or information, nor process for a fee or otherwise use any such information for the benefit of others.

What is your customer satisfaction experience?

MAMTC-Wichita ( did an independent customer satisfaction survey on us a few years ago. We gave them our entire list without influencing whom they chose to call. They documented for us in writing their very first ever 100% positive response result, including questions such as, "Do you feel you got a good value for the money," and, "Would you buy another one," and,"Would you recommend the Grazier System to others."