Grazier System

An Entirely New Concept in
Highly Portable & Modular Electric Fence Systems.

Used in this example

  • 2 Winch Corners loaded with PolyTape- single strand or
    1/8-in ElectroBraid, 500' x 2-strand
  • Standard Corners as needed
  • Line Posts as needed

Price components used.

Create a corridor with The Grazier System electric fence.

Corridor New

Note the two Winch Corners
in this photo. This new corridor
was just set up, so Annette
is leading the first horse through, . . .


. . . for the herd to safely follow.


And in the evening, the entire herd drives easily through the Grazier Corridor back to the dry lot.

With the Grazier System corridors can be quickly established for moving entire herds to a grazing paddock. Set two Grazier System winch corners to run fences parallel to each other at an appropriate distance apart.

Either the 1/8" ElectroBraid 500-foot 2-strand fence, or the 1/2" 1-strand 660-foot white polytape, can be used. Line posts can be as much as 60 feet apart with either line material, or even farther with the lightweight polytape. Curves and light cornering can be accomplished with line posts; heavy turns would benefit by using Standard Corners. The end of the corridor fences would typically be attached to the grazing paddock corners and line posts, but Standard Corners can be used as end points if necessary. Because animals are being driven through the corridor, electrification would typically not be necessary.

Double-Duty Tip: The single-strand, lightweight polytape line material also makes an excellent and very fast barrier fence for grazing grasses near hazardous areas such as lines of farm equipment and junk-pile rows.