Within Hours Now

The initial release of our training videos to stop dogs killing chickens is just hours away.

It is so easy to browse the web, and it is so easy to look at all those cool web sites and think, “I could do something like that.  That shouldn’t be so hard.”

Truth is, when Jay turned to me and said, “Is it time for that video teaching how to stop dogs killing chickens yet,” and we agreed to do it, we both thought it should be a lightweight effort, and we could then quickly return to our day jobs.

It should certainly be easier than helping people one at a time who have called and asked for help with their dogs killing chickens.

So we tested the waters with an ad for volunteer dogs, and Bam!, Bam!, Bam!, in came the responses.  It was evident that people wanted help with this issue.  So off we sailed on our easy-do venture.

But then reality set in.  Let’s see, in two days that enthusiastic start will have been two months ago.  And since that start, this project has been my primary focus.  After gathering lots of raw silicon “footage,” I’ve spent the last two weeks just piecing it all together and building out the first two videos. Mind you, I’m a novice at this, this being my first significant video-creation effort.  But, still, who would have thought several hours can go into a six-minute segment?  …  Oh, yeah, those who’ve done it, of course.

And I haven’t even had to do the really hard stuff, myself.  Along the way I’ve had a lot of help from my assistant Jay, Laurie the web developer, Matt the artist, Lewis the programmer, and Richard, Dale and Annette the camera operators.  Who am I forgetting….  Ah, yes, the dogs.  I can’t slight the effort that all the dogs put in, my own enlisted canine hams included.

So I have to ask myself, “How in the world do all those cool web sites get built?  How do people do it?”  Getting one of these projects up and running is anything but easy.  But isn’t it great, the tools we have today for doing these things, and getting these messages out.

Ah, well, the fruits are now about to fall upon us.  Within a few hours, later today, we’re going to release the first edition.  There are several people eagerly awaiting and needing this as quickly as possible.  Not to mention, the project has already been included in a mailing dropped to over 300,000 people, thanks to our friend Cherice at Marketshare Group, and delivery starts any day now.  So I took “quickly as possible” quite literally, and am pushing out my own novice editing results.  I haven’t had time to get real help.  In time we can get Matt to help dress them dress them up a little with maybe bits of music, maybe cooler starts and endings.  But for those who need it now, who cares.  It works!

I still have additional videos to add.  “Ice’s Story” will be a while getting put together.  And I have vignettes planned for a few more valuable tidbits.  We’ll announce them as they come.

Please, if you like what you learn, enjoy what you see, help get the word around to stop dogs killing chickens.  The lives of countless chickens and killer dogs are at stake.

I’m off for a nap.



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