Ice was a Cool Dog!

Well, we just drove Ice home. I am so going to miss her.  What a cool dog!  What a pleasure it was to have her, to make her well, and, most importantly, to return her to her 14-year old boy who now has a dog he can really love.

Ice, the chocolate lab star of our show, was a tough one, for sure. The friendliest, nicest dog you could hope to be with, albeit generally out of control…until in the pen with a chicken. Then what a terror! A crazed, frenetic, chicken-killin’ machine, out to defy any and all efforts to control her and to get that chicken!  And that was AFTER I’d spent a week building a relationship with her.

But I was never daunted. Just delayed.

If you’ve seen our promo video, you’ve seen the dramatic change in her. Ice is now certified to be left alone with a chicken in the pen.  She was even safe and very nice to the baby turkeys she met when she got home. By all accounts from her owners, Ice would have been all over them in a frenzy three weeks ago, yet we walked her right up to them without restraint, picked one out and stuck it in front of her nose, complete with a wing flap.  She is now free to be at liberty in her own farmyard…something neither she nor her family had yet been able to enjoy.  She’s now a normal dog.

And here’s the sweet part.  It wasn’t really hard. Sure, she was a dog most people would have given up on. The kind that leads to those ridiculous rumours that once a dog has killed, it will always kill; that some breeds are worse than others; that you have to keep some dogs and chickens apart, there’s no other way. What silliness! What…well, poppycock!  I feel sad every time I see those nonsense posts on the internet forums.

But that’s the magic of this technique:  it’s *not* hard. It’s amazingly easy. Once you see our video, you’ll agree that most people will be able to do this at home, by themselves (with one helper for part of it).  And–within our front page caveat–can do it with any dog.  And this isn’t general dog training advice.  This is a technique, a method of intercession, that can be applied for fast, reliable resolution of a killing problem.  And the fact is, once you’ve done this, most any other behavior problems will go away right along with the chicken problem.

For anyone that might wonder:  Ice did not suffer through any shocking by a shock collar, never took any beating or other abuse, never had any dead chickens tied around her neck, or any other similar stupidity.  But there was, in fact, one additional tool I utilized, which I improvised for the first time, with an incredible, almost unbelievable success.  It worked better than any shock collar ever could have…and it never touched or was ever anywhere near the dog.  It worked so good, it will be highlighted and explained in the video.

But here’s an even better cliffhanger for you.  Wait until you see our video, and learn the truth of what was behind Ice’s bizarre chicken mauling.  It will most likely surprise you.  It even surprised me when I recognized it and adjusted accordingly.  But my system worked, and would have worked unaltered whether I’d recognized the truth of Ice or not.

I’ll work hard to get this video to you now as fast as I can, because I know some of you need this information right now.  People are already telling me, “I wish you had been here a few months ago when….”


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